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Back Issue 'Bundles'  

We offer 10 bundles of back issues (in PDF format) that focus on particular themes. Each bundle includes 6 of our best issues on that subject (with about 90 pages of in-depth info, tips and diagrams). Look under the "Issue Bundles" tab below for a list of specific back issues that are included for every theme. Each bundle costs $25, which is about a 15% savings compared to buying the issues individually. In addition, current Speed & Smarts subscribers get an extra 20% off the price of the bundles! So, these are a great deal when you're looking for lots of ideas about a particular subject. 

Giving Bundles as a gift:  If you'd like to order Bundles as a gift, go to the 'Issue Bundles' tab, mark the ones you want and then write any special instructions in the box at the bottom of the page. If you want us to send the bundle(s) straight to your gift recipient, include his or her name, email address, any message you want us to include with the order, and the desired delivery date/time. If there are no special instructions, we will send the bundle(s) straight to your email address and you can give them to your gift recipient. Thanks!