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QUIZ 10: Evaluating the lee-bow effect

Boat X is sailing upwind to a windward mark in a 6 knot breeze that remains constant. On this beat, the wind direction is such that X has to sail on port tack about twice as long as on starboard tack. When X sails her optimum upwind VMG angle on port tack, she is heading directly into a steady one-knot current. Therefore, X tries an experiment -- she pinches up slightly so the current is just hitting her lee bow. She sails this way for the entire time that she is on port tack during this beat.
Question: How will her performance compare to a similar boat that does not pinch above the current on port tack?

Boat X will get to the windward mark sooner
Boat X will get to the windward mark at the same time
Boat X will take longer to get to the windward mark
You can't tell from the information given