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QUIZ 8: Which hail takes precedence?

PW and PL, two overlapped boats on port tack, were sailing up the first beat of a race in moderate air. Both were on closehauled courses. PL was about one hull length to leeward of PW and had her bow half a length in front. These two boats were converging with a third boat (S) who was on starboard tack. PL thought she was sailing into a header, and she wanted to tack to leeward of S. Therefore, she hailed PW for room to tack at the obstruction (S). PW, however, liked the right side of the course, and she wanted to bear off behind S and keep sailing on port tack. Since PW had an inside overlap on PL, she hailed PL for room to duck behind S (an obstruction). Unfortunately, it was not possible for PL to tack and for PW to duck at the same time. How do the rules resolve this situation?

PL must bear off and give PW room to pass behind S
PW must respond to PL's hail for room to tack
The hails cancel themselves out and neither applies
The hail that was made first takes precedence
None of the above