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QUIZ 2: How favored is the boat end?

In a class championship of 40 boats, the race committee sets a starting line that is about 40 boatlengths long. When you go head to wind in the middle of this line, you notice that the committee boat (starboard) end of the line is favored by 10 degrees. In other words, the wind direction is 10 degrees to the right of the direction that would make the line perfectly square. While planning your first-leg strategy, you wonder how much of an advantage you would get by starting at the committee boat end. QUESTION: If a boat starts on starboard tack right at the committee boat end, how far ahead will she cross in front of a boat that starts at the pin end on port tack?

1 boatlength
2 boatlengths
5 boatlengths
10 boatlengths
20 boatlengths
You can't tell from the information given