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QUIZ 4: Protest requirements?

You are racing a Melges 24 in the National Championship. During the first beat of the second race, you are sailing on starboard tack and a boat on port tack crosses very close in front of you. To avoid hitting the aft part of their leeward side, you have to bear off abruptly. The port tacker does not take a Two-Iurns penalty. In order to file a valid protest against the port tacker, which of the following actions must you take after the incident?

A. Display a red protest flag at the first reasonable opportunity
B. Hail the word "Protest" at the first reasonable opportunity
C. Keep the flag displayed until you are no longer racing
D. Inform the race committee of your intent to protest after you finish
E. File a written protest within the protest time limit that identifies any rule you believe was broken.

All of them
A, B, C and D
A, B and E
B, C, D and E
A, B, C and E
B and C