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QUIZ 5: How does current affect wind?

Two large one-design boats are sailing upwind on opposite tacks in a beautiful 10-knot breeze. Both boats are identical and are going exactly the same height and speed through the water. The 'sailing wind' is exactly the same all over the course area and remains steady. There also happens to be a constant two knots of current running from right to left, so the port tacker (P) is sailing into the current while the starboard tacker (S) is sailing more with the current. Both boats are outfitted with very high-tech and sensitive wind instruments at the top of their mast.
QUESTION: If you look at the apparent wind speed readings from each boat, how will they compare?  

Both boats will have the same apparent wind speeds
Boat P (port tack) will show more apparent wind
Boat S (starboard tack) will show more apparent wind
You can't tell from the information given