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11/19/17 – It appears that LTRR 2020 is now within a few days of being available for purchase.
The link to the website where you can buy this training course will be listed here as soon as it goes live. 

If you would like to be notified by email when the training course is available, send us a note here.

'Learn The Racing Rules 2020'

Our newest edition of Learn The Racing Rules is now an online training course designed to help you understand and apply all the right-of-way rules in the new 2017-2020 rulebook! It is divided into short segments (6 modules with dozens of shorter 'chapters'), and there is a ‘knowledge check’ at the end of each one to reinforce your learning and help track your progress. The program includes many live sailing videos, 3D animations and the text of all rules discussed, plus narration and expert commentary by David Dellenbaugh. It contains more than two hours of material, but it’s designed so you can easily go through it at your own pace. A great resource for learning and review through 2020! Created by David Dellenbaugh and produced by North U.

Click here to view a promo video that gives you a flavor for the online course.
(The 'Buy now' button at the end of this video brings you back to this page, but will soon direct you toward a different landing page where you can purchase LTRR.)

Price: $50

Group option:  LTRR 2020 will also be available for group purchase by clubs and schools (probably in early 2018). A group purchase includes multiple user names and passwords that can be used by members of that group to access the online training course. Certification options available. Group licenses are for one year.

History of LTRR:

David Dellenbaugh has been producing a video set called 'Learn the Racing Rules' every four years since 1986. The purpose of LTRR is to explain the right-of-way rules to sailors so they become more confident while maneuvering near other boats on the race course. This product was originally sold as VHS video cassettes, then as DVDs and now, for the first time, it is available as an online training course.

LTRR was originally created in two parts: Part 1 explained all the basic right-of-way rules and their limitations while Part 2 covered the more-complex rules at marks and obstructions.Now the two parts have been combined into one online experience. However, LTRR 2020 is divided into six modules, and each module consists of many smaller chapters, so the rules information is presented in bite-sized chunks. 

From an old promotion that still applies:  'The best way to understand the rules is by watching real race scenarios while listening to expert commentary. That's exactly what you'll get in this two-part DVD set! Using live sailing demonstrations, racing footage and computer-animated boats, top racer and coach David Dellenbaugh explains the rules you need to know for racing around the buoys.Each part of Learn the Racing Rules includes the text of all definitions and rules discussed, plus extensive references to relevant appeals cases.'