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'Learn The Racing Rules' through 2020!

Note: We are currently working on a new version of 'Learn The Racing Rules' to cover the new 2017 - 2020 Racing Rules. It will be available in spring 2017 as an online learning program. A great way to learn and study the rules! If you would like to be notified when this new program is ready, please send an email to:  SpeedandSmarts 'at' optonline 'dot' net

Description of old DVD set:
LTRR comes with a free copy of our special issue on Rule 18 explaining the rules that apply when you are approaching and rounding marks. Videos are in stock and usually ship within 2 or 3 business days of receiving your order.  Subscribers get a 10% discount! Great gift!

 'Learn The Racing Rules through 2016' is a two-part DVD set by David Dellenbaugh and North U that explains the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing.

The best way to understand the rules is by watching real race scenarios while listening to expert commentary. That's exactly what you'll get in this two-part DVD set! Using live sailing demonstrations, racing footage and computer-animated boats, top racer and coach David Dellenbaugh explains the rules you need to know for racing around the buoys.Each part of Learn the Racing Rules includes the text of all definitions and rules discussed, plus extensive references to relevant appeals cases.

Part 1: The Basic Right-of-Way Rules explains the essential rules that apply when boats meet on the race course. It covers port-starboard, windward-leeward, clear ahead and tacking too close, plus general limitations on these rules such as changing course, avoiding contact, sailing above a proper course and changes in the right of way. Also includes the rules about taking penalties. (Approx. 65 mins)

Part 2: Rules at Marks and Obstructions explains the often-confusing rules that apply whenever you approach a mark or obstruction. It covers 'mark-room,' barging, the 'zone,' tacking at a windward mark, jibing at a leeward mark, continuing obstructions, hailing for room to tack at obstructions, the new rule about exoneration and more! (Approx. 75 mins)

Together they offer a great way for any sailor to gain confidence about racing near other boats.

10% discount for current Speed & Smarts subscribers. (Subscribe now) 

• If you buy LTRR, we will email you a free copy of the updated issue of Speed & Smarts that explains (in detail) the rules that apply when you are approaching and rounding marks!