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What People Say
Here are some kind letters that we have received recently from subscribers:

Dave – I wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed issue 109 that I just received by email. Your description of your approach to and experience in the regatta really brought a lot of things together for me. I enjoy your newsletter immensely. Thanks!

Dear Dave,
I received a subscription to Speed and Smarts as a gift from my daughter, and I have often told her it was the best present I ever got. I wait eagerly for each issue to come out and read it with a frenzy. Then I file it and go back over it. I proudly display my volume of issues and refer to them in discussions with my sailing buddies.
     Thank you for creating such a valuable and informative publication that seems never to be out of date. The articles are timely and always explicit enough to refer to in conversation. A good example is the recent issue that summarizes the new racing rules changes in such a simple and understandable manner.
     Since receiving my first issue of Speed and Smarts, I have recommended the newsletter to many of my friends. It is so good I almost want to keep it all to myself, but you can't keep a good thing hidden.
     I cannot say enough about the product and  am positive it will continue in the excellent standard you have set. Thank you again.

Dave, I am a charter subscriber, and still have every issue.  Recently, when my tactician expressed his need to improve our downwind tactics, I consulted your published indices, copied every article on the subject, and we worked through them together.  The next week we won our one-design class in the Big Boat Series, also our National Championship. Thanks!

Hi David,
Thanks for the first delivery! I'm very pleased with this newsletter. It's just a great way to "learn" fast sailing by the "books". The content is very easy to read and understand with these great pictures and graphics. This is the newsletter for whole family. Thanks for the great newsletter!

Just received your latest newsletter. Awesome!
Keep up the great work. I think you have, without a doubt, published the best set of sailboat racing documents ever!

Hello Mr. Dellenbaugh,
This past weekend, I had my first set of races since I subscribed and ordered the back issues with the starting tips. Unlike the last two years where I was always hitting the start behind other boats, doing so in poor position and/or slowly, in these races using your tips, I nailed the start all three times. This helped me get second and third place in the races.  I even was able to beat boats rated faster than mine in our PHRF series boat for boat - not just on corrected time, and these were boats I have never beat before. I hope everyone gets as much from Speed & Smarts as I have.