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Speed & Smarts is a bi-monthly newsletter packed with tips to improve your racing performance. It's written by winning AC tactician David Dellenbaugh, and each issue has 16 pages full of instructional advice on tactics, strategy, speed, boathandling and rules (plus there's no advertising!).

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David Dellenbaugh, winning Americas Cup tactician, is the author of Speed & Smarts and Learn The Racing Rules.

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THEME: Starting Strategy

This issue is all about how to determine where on the starting line you should start. Topics include a discussion about strategy vs. tactics • goals at the start • ingredients of a first-beat strategy • developing a starting plan • measuring and evaluating line bias • the importance of position on the line • when (and when not) to start at the boat, pin and middle • a starting strategy planner • and how other boats affect your strategy.

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