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Speed & Smarts is a bi-monthly newsletter packed with tips to improve your racing performance. It's written by winning AC tactician David Dellenbaugh, and each issue has 16 pages full of instructional advice on tactics, strategy, speed, boathandling and rules (plus there's no advertising!).

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David Dellenbaugh, winning Americas Cup tactician, is the author of Speed & Smarts and Learn The Racing Rules.

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THEME: Playbook 2 - Upwind

In most races, boats spend a majority of their time going upwind, so success at the finish line means you have to be smart on the windward legs. Several things make beats uniquely challenging. Because upwind tacking angles are relatively wide (compared to jibing angles downwind), the fleet tends to spread pretty far apart. As a result, boats in one area of the beat are often sailing in  . . .  MORE


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